Lvbao's corporate culture concept "focus, innovation, service"

Focus on:

Concentration is aiming at the target, daring to give up, and daring to "do something and do nothing". Lvbao people are full of confidence in themselves, firmly believe that "the sky will descend to the people of Sri Lanka", firmly believe that the end will be rewarded, and that the cause they are engaged in is "the best scenery here." Because I firmly believe, I can persevere and persevere. Concentration is courage and even courage. The chairman of Green Insurance said: "If you don't focus on doing nothing, the concentrator is smarter. Green Insurance should focus on textiles."

Now is the era of the knowledge economy, with increasingly fierce market competition and continuous shortening of product cycles. Only innovation is the source of maintaining the long-term competitive advantage of enterprises. Green Insurance Company, through the management of the team and capital injection, on the one hand, attracted Green Insurance employees to a greater extent to provide suggestions and capabilities for cooperation activities to jointly develop new products and services, thereby improving Green Insurance's innovative competitiveness. Make the green insurance invincible in the textile market.

Lvbao adheres to the "concept of customer values". Customers are the "parents of food and clothing" of the enterprise, which is the foundation of the survival of the enterprise. Then the significance of the existence of the enterprise is to provide customers with more needed products and more thoughtful and timely services. Therefore, the purpose of the green insurance service is: "Customer satisfaction is above all else!".

Service concept: science and technology to ensure quality, focus on textile technology research, pioneering thinking, continuous innovation, and continuous development; perfect service products, customer-oriented, in-depth understanding, rapid action, implementation in place, and strive to improve.

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